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Did you know that Pop-Up ads are usually a symptom of a much greater problem?

Some annoying but harmless Pop-Up ads are created by Javascript on the webpage you are viewing.
BUT other more harmful Pop-Ups are actually being generated by a hidden program, also known as "Adware" that is installed and running on your computer's harddrive.

Some unethical companies install their "Adware" on your computer without your knowledge or permission just by you visiting the wrong website, clicking on a bad pop-up, or opening an infected email.
These programs not only fill your screen with annoying pop-up ads but they are also collecting information from your computer about your personal web habits in order to target you with more ads.

In the worst cases these programs are also collecting your personal and financial information such as passwords, account numbers, social security numbers, credit card info, and logging your keystrokes!
Protect yourself today!


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Create a real WOW experience for your customer when they open up their hand-addressed envelope from you to find this thank you gift! This is a gift that cannot be ignored! ... On the back of the card will be a hand-written note, from you, that says, "It was ... we can arrange another pop-up card to be sent at the ... http://www.successconceptsonline.com/popup.html
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... 1. Open card.(See right) 2. Push pop-up tab in. ... http://patjohnsbooks.com/popup.html
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Pop Up Card. Pop Up Card. Three cards are chosen from a group of nine. One of the tree is mentally selected by a volunteer. http://www.hippieplace.com/lf/ja-0176.htm
Heart Pop-Out Card
... These two parts will be the outer card and inner pop-out part ... half/heart of the card. Place the inner card/pop-out part down next, over the two ... http://www.intersurf.com/~redstic/Projects/Heart.htm
Mouth Pop-up Card - Enchanted Learning Software
... Make a Mouth Pop-up Card. When you open the card, the mouth opens ... Glue this new card to the outside of your pop-up card. Don't glue near the ... http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/Mouthcard.shtml
Joan Irvine: Pop-up Contest
Joan Irvine, the 'Pop-up Lady', has a contest for you. ... Create a pop-up card using the instructions for the pop-up mouth on the MAKE A POP ... If you wish, add a poem to the pop-up card. ... http://www.makersgallery.com/joanirvine/contest.html
Pop-Up Card Design
the main idea - results - details - more info. The Main Idea. I love pop-up cards. I love to make them, send them, and receive them. But as anyone who has tried to design their own cards knows, creating these things is really hard. ... that most of the many varieties of pop-up card mechanisms can be boiled down into just a ... the left is a typical pop-up card during the design phase ... http://www.glassner.com/andrew/cg/research/popup/popup.htm
Joan Irvine: How to Make a Pop-up
Joan Irvine: How to Make a Pop-up This site features a creative activity for students provided by pop-up book artist, Joan Irvine. This activity is taken from Irvine's book "How to Make Pop-ups" ... http://rdre1.yahoo.com/click?u=http://www.makersgallery.com/joanirvine/howto.html%26y=02ADE8EEC408CAAB%26i=487%26c=9106%26q=02%255ESSHPM%255BL7opo%253Fjo%253F%257C~m%257B6%26e=utf-8%26r=0%26d=wownrm-en-us%26n=EB6K5H55RCVK2S3B%26s=0%26t=%26m=413FE293%26x=01DC92C1BAEEB5C3
Pop-up Spider Card Craft - Enchanted Learning Software
Scary pop-up spider Card. Make a spooky pop-up spider card using construction paper. ... inside the card when you fold the card up). Write a message on your scary spider pop-up card. ... http://www.zoomschool.com/crafts/halloween/spiderpopupcard
Home & Garden Television: Crafts
... 6-1/4" square green card stock. 1-3/4" x 6-1/2" green card stock ... l/2"paper for envelope. extra card stock for stamping pop-up images ... http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/crafting/article/0%252C1789%252CHGTV_3352_1909500%252C00.html
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Pop-up Card for New Year's. ... Make a great (but simple) pop-up New Year's card from construction paper ... draw and cut out stars, fireworks, or champagne glasses to pop up out of your card. ... http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/newyear/popup2001
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... questions as you can think of regarding your pop-up card project. Examples of the type of questions ... to think in detail about the pop-up project. Later in the ... http://www.technologystudent.com/designpro/popanal.htm
Cylindrical Pop-up Card (instructions by Kathy Berger)
Cylindrical Pop-Up: Materials: 1 4.25" x 5.5" card. 1 sheet of cardstock. adhesive (glue, double sided tape…) Pattern : The basic shape of the pattern follows. Cut on solid lines, Mountain fold on dotted lines. ... of the card height and made them into wells. I even have made really tiny ones for hummingbird nests in a pop-up book ... http://www.stampohmania.com/pages/howto/cylindrical.html
FamilyFun: Make a Pop-Up Greeting Card
Create your very own pop-up greeting card designed by well-known artist Robert Sabuda with this craft from FamilyFun. ... Print out Pop-Up Card Template 1 and Pop-Up Card Template 2 on heavy paper ... http://bsc.cards.go.com/crafts?page=CraftDisplay%26craftid=11091
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Create a pop-up card, made specially for Dad. This is a good project to enlist Mom's help. http://www.parentsplace.com/features/fathersday/articles/0%252C%252C258725_112808%252C00.html
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... Pop Up Greeting Card. Don't have time to set up your own greeting card? Check out the Teacher TimeSaver CD ... http://www.essdack.org/tips/thankyou.html
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... Christmas Crafts - Pop-Up Card. Supplies. Card stock (use various colors ... Fold a piece of card stock in half. Make two snips about 1-inch in length and 1 ... http://www.youthonline.ca/crafts/popupcard.shtml
Santa Claws Pop-Up Card
Visit RI eStudio. For Web Design & Graphics. Repeat Impressions. PO Box 193. Freeport, ME 04032-0193. Tel. 207-865-3794. Fax 207-865-3825. We're An Angel Company! Company Policies. Santa Claws Pop-Up Card. by Wendy Wyman ... The Santa Claws Pop-Up Card is made with our "Peek-A-Boo Pop-Up" pre-scored card. Find out more about ... http://www.repeatimpressions.com/scpopup.html

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