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Pop-Up Blocker by Panicware
Don't let pop-ups and adware waste your time and screen space. Pop-ups and unsolicited ads cut down on productive time and enjoyment of the web. Why waste time closing one pop-up just to have another appear in its place? Stop those annoying pop-ups once and for all with Panicware Pop-Up Blocker technology. Panicware has been featured by USA TODAY, NBC, Newsweek, TIME, and PC World as one of the best Pop-up blockers available today.
Download your free trial today to see the difference and start enjoying the web again.

Did you know that Pop-Up ads are usually a symptom of a much greater problem?

Some annoying but harmless Pop-Up ads are created by Javascript on the webpage you are viewing.
BUT other more harmful Pop-Ups are actually being generated by a hidden program, also known as "Adware" that is installed and running on your computer's harddrive.

Some unethical companies install their "Adware" on your computer without your knowledge or permission just by you visiting the wrong website, clicking on a bad pop-up, or opening an infected email.
These programs not only fill your screen with annoying pop-up ads but they are also collecting information from your computer about your personal web habits in order to target you with more ads.

In the worst cases these programs are also collecting your personal and financial information such as passwords, account numbers, social security numbers, credit card info, and logging your keystrokes!
Protect yourself today!


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